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Clear information. Expert advice. Stories from parents who've been there.

These educational films are the only ones of their kind.

Filmmaker Will Schermerhorn features the voices of parents and experts from around the world. The leading voices on early childhood development in youngsters with Down syndrome give parents what they need to know for their children to thrive.


"WOW!! I wish this video was available when my daughter was born almost 3 years ago! It should be included in every diaper bag from the hospital when the child has Down syndrome! It is all of the information that I wish I knew when my daughter was first born. It is like Down syndrome 101."

Sample Clips from "Down Syndrome: The First 18 Months"

These segments show how interviews with top Down syndrome experts combine with the voices of experienced parents.

Choose the DVDs that are Right for You

These three videos on DVD cover kids ranging from newborns to about 6 years old. All of them feature information and interviews from top experts and knowledgeable parents.

Cover illustration of Down Syndrome: The First 18 Months DVD.

Down Syndrome: The First 18 Months

A comprehensive overview of what to expect and what to do for babies and children with Down syndrome from birth to walking.

Features crucial information from many of the world's top Down syndrome experts and experienced parents of children with Down syndrome.

This DVD is in English with the alternate soundtracks in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic.

Available at a discount to Down syndrome organizations.

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Cover illustration of Discovery: Pathways to Better Speech for Children with Down Syndrome DVD.

Discovery: Pathways to Better Speech for Children with Down Syndrome

Explore the real world of speech in children with Down syndrome and discover strategies to encourage a child's best possible speech.

With examples and stories about development and focused, valuable interviews with top professionals in the field of Down syndrome speech, the film shows how to encourage better speech and communication from an early age.

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Cover illustration of Kids with Down Syndrome DVD.

Kids with Down Syndrome: Staying Healthy and Making Friends

An up-to-date and comprehensive guide to the social and health issues for children with Down syndrome. Topics include toilet training, managing behavior, sleep problems and the crucial ear and hearing concerns.

From Down Syndrome News:
"Schermerhorn’s skill with this format lets him pack a lot of information into the video, which is great for busy parents of newborns, toddlers and school-age children who are looking for an introduction or a refresher on issues that may come with growing up with DS."

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