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Will Schermerhorn

I created Blueberry Shoes Productions LLC in 2002 to be a photography and filmmaking outfit of my own. At the time, I was in the early stages of work on "Down Syndrome: The First 18 Months," my first full-length film.

I published "DS:18" in 2003, about the time I went to work full time for an Internet company. Four years later, summer of 2007, I left full-time employment for a different Internet company and have been working way more than full time on film and photography for myself.

Why do it? Well... I was a newspaper reporter for nine years, and that ingrains a way of thinking about information that you can't really shake. When my son, Mason, was born in 2000, we found he has Down syndrome. Months later, I realized that I could bring a reporter's discipline to the preparation of an education film about Down syndrome.

That's my goal, to set aside sentimentality and wishful thinking to present a series of balanced films that give honest answers in a straightforward way.

The Respect PSA is flying hither and yon

I made the Respect PSA for the Arc of Northern Virginia the week before the "Tropic Thunder" film opened. Nancy Mercer, co-executive director, had asked me to put something together. I gave it a day's thought or so and then sat down on a Sunday morning to put it together.

I sent it to Nancy and her team, and they loved it. Nancy sent it to some folks she knows, and I sent it to some folks I know, and it quickly turned into an avalanche. I've gotten dozens of e-mails from people all over the United States, just saying thanks. That's happened for some of the films I did, but not in such volume. It really feels good to have made something that struck such a chord.

Blueberry Shoes is on a new Web host

I moved the top level pages of to a new Web host on Monday, September 1. Any pages you can't find I am going to blame on that.

New Blog

The Blueberry Shoes blog is here: